A New Saga

About 4 years ago, I used to constantly create blog posts on wordpress, it was my way of escaping reality & to pour thoughts out into pages. But sadly, anxiety got the best of me, & it caused me to delete everything I’ve ever written.

I thought maybe I could give it a try again.

I’m not too sure what I’m going to utilise this blog for, but hopefully along the way I’ll figure it out.

For now this is my way of starting fresh again.



  1. Oh…but I can feel what you might be undergoing right now. Once I ve done the same thing but then I was not introduced to WP. I used to write in my diaries and note books. All of which I tore off and some left behind somewhere and now I can’t find the one or two poems I wrote which were too close to me and I was appreciated a lot for them. Even though I try to re write them but it’s not working out.
    But for you I hope and wish you get all the success and peace you deserve. Sending light and peace your way.

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