Been having trouble sleeping lately, even getting up from bed has become an impossible task.

I think I’m just psychically & mentally exhausted.

Thus, I have decided to take a day off on the 30th of Oct (day before Halloween of course 😈) to focus on me & my well-being, hopefully that helps.

You know, sometimes I miss the person I was before.. but then again I wasn’t the best version of myself in the past.


I know I’ve been rather inconsistent with updating my blog post due to work commitments & revamping my room (which I’m extremely excited about❤️).

But rest-assured I will be posting regularly soon! I was able to establish a better schedule for myself so I get to have more (Some) “me” time 😊😊

I look forward to writing to you guys real soon ❤️❤️


To me tattoos are a symbol of art & your body is a canvas 🎨 

You paint those deep meaningful connections from your life onto yourself to remember them permanently, which creates this beautiful masterpiece ❤️

Let me walk you through my canvas 🖼️ 😊

My First Tattoo;

Empress Crown👸

Meaning: I’ve always referred to myself as an “Alpha Queen” & I believe that all women are alpha females too. An Alpha female is a powerful & successful woman; who’s independent, strong-willed, has a confidence that is contagious & believe her ability to achieve is limitless. This tattoo is a representation of that.

My Second Tattoo;

Leo Symbol, this one’s for you dad😇❤️

Meaning: About 2 years ago my dad passed away & I wanted to find someway to pay homage to him because he meant the world to me. So last year when I was in Prague, I decided to get a Customised Leo Symbol tattoo. My dad was a true embodiment of a Leo, he was creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, humorous & stubborn of course. He would always put family first before anything else, he was selfless & lovable. I love you dad ❤️

My Third Tattoo

My Spirit Animal: Wolf🐺

Meaning: I did my 3rd Tattoo of my sprit animal In Melbourne 🇦🇺 Wolf is a symbol of freedom, wisdom, guardianship, strength, loyalty & courage 🐺. While the Moon represents gentleness, sensitivity, compassion & connection with others 🌕. Thus, I couldn’t ask for a better combo for this beautiful masterpiece 🥰 Thank you once again Victims of ink for creating this work of art! I absolutely love it! ❤️

Hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know in the comments below on what I should post about next 😊😊

Ashy 💕❤️

In the past, I was deeply insecure about taking pictures or meeting people without any makeup on my face, I always felt like I was too hideous or not pretty enough for anyone to love or to look at.. I was living with this insecurity for 12 years. I think it all started when I was in high school, I was bullied a lot for my appearance & weight.

One fine day, I was adamant to change that insecurity of mine. I started by not wearing makeup to work or even when I hang out with my friends (only if there’s a special occasion then I’m all dolled up 😂). It was rather challenging at first, I wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone with the fear that they might judge me or look at me differently.

Slowly it got easier, I started appreciating & boosting my self confidence more instead of demoralising myself. Day by day my confidence grew & eventually, I stopped caring about what other people thought about me.

Now before heading anywhere, Im able to look in the mirror (with or without makeup) & say “damn I look hella fine today!”, without crying for 2 hrs like I used to 😂


I hope that every man & woman knows that regardless of how you look, you are amazing! You strut your stuff & flaunt those flaws like it’s a damn runway show!! 😉🥰

You are beautiful ❤️