Been having trouble sleeping lately, even getting up from bed has become an impossible task.

I think I’m just psychically & mentally exhausted.

Thus, I have decided to take a day off on the 30th of Oct (day before Halloween of course 😈) to focus on me & my well-being, hopefully that helps.

You know, sometimes I miss the person I was before.. but then again I wasn’t the best version of myself in the past.


I know I’ve been rather inconsistent with updating my blog post due to work commitments & revamping my room (which I’m extremely excited about❤️).

But rest-assured I will be posting regularly soon! I was able to establish a better schedule for myself so I get to have more (Some) “me” time 😊😊

I look forward to writing to you guys real soon ❤️❤️


I decided to go for a walk today & read a book in the park, I needed some fresh air so I thought why not.

The book was called “The places I’ve cried in public” by Holly Bourne, It’s about a girl named Amelie who loved this guy named Reese. She thought he loved her, but soon she realises that he was too toxic for her. So, she starts retracing their story & untangling what happened by revisiting all the places he made her cry. Because she has this idea that if she is able to work out what went wrong, perhaps she can finally learn to get over him.

Overall it’s a good read, 10/10.

Whilst I was reading, it dawned on me that I had a lot of memories in this park; I laughed, I cried, fell in love & got my heartbroken.

However, no matter how good or bad the memories may be, I still loved being there. It was my safe haven. The place where I could sit on a bench to clear my thoughts or just to feel the wind breezing through my hair while I look out onto the lake to have some peace of mind.

Nothing could ever replace that feeling. Nothing.


In the past, I was deeply insecure about taking pictures or meeting people without any makeup on my face, I always felt like I was too hideous or not pretty enough for anyone to love or to look at.. I was living with this insecurity for 12 years. I think it all started when I was in high school, I was bullied a lot for my appearance & weight.

One fine day, I was adamant to change that insecurity of mine. I started by not wearing makeup to work or even when I hang out with my friends (only if there’s a special occasion then I’m all dolled up 😂). It was rather challenging at first, I wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone with the fear that they might judge me or look at me differently.

Slowly it got easier, I started appreciating & boosting my self confidence more instead of demoralising myself. Day by day my confidence grew & eventually, I stopped caring about what other people thought about me.

Now before heading anywhere, Im able to look in the mirror (with or without makeup) & say “damn I look hella fine today!”, without crying for 2 hrs like I used to 😂


I hope that every man & woman knows that regardless of how you look, you are amazing! You strut your stuff & flaunt those flaws like it’s a damn runway show!! 😉🥰

You are beautiful ❤️


Ever since I was a lil girl 👧 I remembered dreaming of venturing out on my own & exploring every part of the world 🌏 But of course you’ll have people from all ends telling you, “You’ll never make it” or “You’ll never accomplish your dreams” 🙇‍♀️ Due to all the negativity, I developed a new born strength 💪 I pushed myself to work hard every single day to ensure that I will be able to pursue my dreams 🏃‍♀️.

Finally in the year 2017, I embarked on my first solo adventure to Malaysia 🇲🇾, a country I often travel to with my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Hence, I made it my goal to make that country as my first solo trip without my family as a mark of my independence 👸 Followed by Thailand 🇹🇭, then in 2018 to Australia 🇦🇺 & 2019 to Czech Republic 🇨🇿.

While I was strolling through the streets of Melbourne, I was still in disbelief that I’ve made it this far in life.

Victoria, Melbourne

My word of advice is, don’t give anyone the right to take away your dreams & make you 2nd guess yourself. Keep pushing past all those naysayers, they’re only jealous & envious of your success 😎 If your mind & heart is in the right place, trust me you can accomplish anything.

Trust me this is only the beginning of my journey 😏